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Critical Race Theory: The Key Writings That Formed the Movement
Author(s): Kimberle Crenshaw, Neil Gotanda, Gary Peller, Kendall Thomas
Published: May 1996
Publisher: The New Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781565842717
ISBN 10: 1565842715
Seeing Race Again: Countering Colorblindness across the Disciplines
Author(s): Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, Luke Charles Harris, Daniel Martinez HoSang, George Lipsitz
Edition: First
Published: February 2019
Publisher: University of California Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9780520300996
ISBN 10: 0520300998
Intersectionality (Key Concepts)
Author(s): Patricia Hill Collins, Sirma Bilge
Edition: 1
Published: June 2016
Publisher: Polity
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9780745684499
ISBN 10: 0745684491
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement
Author(s): Angela Y. Davis, Frank Barat, Cornel West
Published: February 2016
Publisher: Haymarket Books
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781608465644
ISBN 10: 1608465640
Women, Race, & Class
Author(s): Angela Y. Davis
Edition: 1st Vintage Books ed
Published: February 1983
Publisher: Vintage
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 0884681069255
ISBN 10: 0394713516
We Should All Be Feminists
Author(s): Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Edition: Reprint
Published: 2015T
Publisher: Anchor Books
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 8601420281936
ISBN 10: 110191176X
Feminism Is for Everybody: Passionate Politics
Author(s): bell hooks
Edition: 2
Published: September 2014
Publisher: Routledge
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781138821620
ISBN 10: 1138821624
Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches (Crossing Press Feminist Series)
Author(s): Audre Lorde, Cheryl Clarke
Edition: Reprint
Published: August 2007
Publisher: Crossing Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781580911863
ISBN 10: 1580911862
Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny
Author(s): Kate Manne
Edition: Reprint
Published: March 2019
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9780190933203
ISBN 10: 0190933208
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