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River of Traps: A New Mexico Mountain Life (New York Times Notable Book Series): 1st (First) Edition
Author(s): Alex Harris William deBuys
Published: February 2008
Publisher: Trinity University Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 8580000901139
River of Traps
Author(s): William & Alex Harris deBuys
Published: 1990T
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: B002C5C1A8
DoubleTake (Winter 1996)
Author(s): Robert and Alex Harris, editors Coles
Edition: First edition / Magazine
Published: 1996T
Publisher: DoubleTake, 1996
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13:
ISBN 10: B0011UDON8
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