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Indian-ish: Recipes and Antics from a Modern American Family
Author(s): Priya Krishna, Mackenzie Kelley
Published: April 2019
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9781328482471
ISBN 10: 1328482472
Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks: Create Extraordinary Dishes from the Ordinary Ingredients in Your College Meal Plan
Author(s): Priya Krishna
Published: June 2014
Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781612124506
ISBN 10: 161212450X
Krishna's Table: The Yoga of Preparing Gluten-Free Vegan Indian Food
Author(s): Priya Nath
Published: September 2017
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781491276808
ISBN 10: 1491276800
The Easy Indian Slow Cooker Cookbook: Prep-and-Go Restaurant Favorites to Make at Home
Author(s): Hari Ghotra, Vivek Singh
Published: September 2017
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781623159696
ISBN 10: 1623159695
Made in India: Recipes from an Indian Family Kitchen
Author(s): Meera Sodha
Published: September 2015
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9781250071019
ISBN 10: 1250071011
Season: Big Flavors, Beautiful Food (Indian Cookbook, Books about Indian Seasoning, Beautiful Cookbooks)
Author(s): Nik Sharma, John Birdsall
Edition: First Printing
Published: October 2018
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9781452163994
ISBN 10: 1452163995
Indian Instant Pot® Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast
Author(s): Urvashi Pitre
Published: September 2017
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781939754547
ISBN 10: 1939754542
Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking
Author(s): Samin Nosrat, Wendy MacNaughton
Edition: 4th
Published: April 2017
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9781476753836
ISBN 10: 1476753830
The Essential South Indian Cookbook: A Culinary Journey Into South Indian Cuisine and Culture
Author(s): Srividhya Gopalakrishnan
Published: October 2019
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Format: Paperback
ISBN 13: 9781641527095
ISBN 10: 1641527099
The Art of Indian Sweets
Author(s): Krishna Priya Dasi
Published: 2012T
Publisher: Torchlight Publishing
Format: Hardcover
ISBN 13: 9780981727370
ISBN 10: 0981727379
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